In The Distant Quiet (1998, 18'). Commissioned by The Downtown Chamber Players.

for voice and piano. Text in English by Perry Brass.
Commissioned and premiered by Mimi Stern Wolfe with Jessica Gould, New York 1998.


This is my first collaboration with poet Perry Brass. I decided to set some of his poems to music since I took an immediate liking to his work, due to its unique blend of lyricism and stylistic accessibility. These four poems, to which I feel particularly close, depict common everyday events, infusing them with strong emotions and deep spiritual meanings. To quote Perry's words: " 'In the Distant Quiet' brings with it a message of understanding and a commonality of deeper, human feelings- that all of us want to bring the "distant quiet" closer to us, and find within it that personal freedom that is buried deep within us".

The song cycle, for male or female voice with piano accompaniment, was composed in the early part of 1998. In writing it I aimed for clear and lyrical vocal lines and a sparse and transparent accompaniment, in order for the words to be as audible as possible.