Spring 2019. Working on a new project, a set of 24 Preludes for solo piano, written for Alessandro Vena. The first book (preludes 1-12) is now complete.

Summer 2018. Pianist Alessandro Vena records my “Flexible Desires” for the Sheva Collection label. The title of the CD is “Gyres”. He is an enthusiastic supporter of my music and has also been touring extensively, playing the work in the US, England, Norway, Eastern Europe, Spain and in many other countries, always with great success.

May 2018. The Emerald Trio (Karen Bogardus, flute, Orlando Wells, violin, Matt Castle, piano) releases their first CD “The Big Green Apple” on the Naxos label, including my work “The Passions of the Present”, written for them. The piece was also performed in a special CD presentation concert in New York City.

2017. Color Duo (Biagio Orlando, soprano sax, and Massimiliano Chiappinelli, piano) record my piece “Simmetrie di Paradiso” on their CD “Haemisphaeria”. A tour of Italy and England followed the release of the CD.

May 2017. Sylvan Winds (Svjetlana Kabalin, flute, Kathy Halvorson, oboe, Nuno Antunes, clarinet, Gina Cuffari, bassoon, Eric C. Davis, horn) perform my “Quattro Quadri” at prestigious Old St. Patrick Cathedral in New York. Svjetlana is a champion of my music and has performed my wind quintet many times over the years.

May 2017. Traumerei Piano Trio (Hyunju Ji, vioilin, Jason Dobranski, cello, and Joanne Chang, piano) perform my trio “Future Fears” in New York. Dr. Joanne Change is a long-time supporter of Davide’s music, having also commissioned the piano solo “Future Fears” with funding from CUNY.

October 2016. Duo Moderne (Lauren Alfano, soprano, and Noby Ishida, piano) perform my song cycle “Tre Canti di Vita” at the Roerich Museum in New York City. This is only one of several performances that they gave of this work.

October 2014. Dr. Denine Leblanc and Dr. Christopher White (piano four hands) give the US premiere of “The Manhattan Suite”, composed for and recorded by the Five O’ Clock Duo (Emilja Pinto and Massimiliano Chiappinelli) in their CD “The Italian Connection”.

2014. Completion of “The Passions of the Present”, for flute, violin and piano, commissioned by The Emerald Trio in New York.